Lebanon Is Heading Toward A Dramatic Winter With Heating Costs Exceeding 70 Million LBP


The Lebanese monthly magazine Information International warns, in its latest report published today, September 5th, of a dramatic and disastrous winter as heating costs will exceed 70 million LBP per residential unit, particularly those in the mountains.

The power outage in Lebanon swells the crisis of heating with less than an hour of electricity per day while the price of buying a kilowatt from the private generators exceeds 15,000 LBP.

The gas jar price rockets higher than 350,000 LBP, which is ineffective for heating in harsh weather.

The price of diesel that most people in Lebanon use for heating exceeds the minimum wage as it reaches more than 700,000 LBP per gallon. which is 7 times more than what it was last year.

The magazine said that each residential unit needs more than 100 gallons of diesel to provide heating in the winter, which is about 70 million LBP.

However, the residential units that use firewood for heating need up to 6 tons of firewood per season, which is approximately 36 million LPB.

According to the magazine, the low price of firewood compared to diesel will encourage many families to switch heaters from diesel to firewood and bear the cost of purchasing a new one.

This forced alternative will cause serious environmental consequences as it will increase deforestation in Lebanon.

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