Lebanon Is Not Planning To Import Fuel From Iran

Splash247 | Reuters

Lebanon’s Energy Minister Raymond Ghajar stated on Thursday that Lebanon has no intention to negotiate with Iran for the import of fuel.

His statement comes after Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said in a speech on Tuesday that the group was in discussion with the Lebanese government about the “possibility of Iran supplying the country with refined oil products in exchange for Lebanese pounds,” reported Reuters.

Instead, energy minister Ghajar said the talks are with Iraq.

After Lebanese PM Hassan Diab met with the Iraqi Oil Minister last week, it was revealed that Lebanon wants to import crude oil from Iraq and that the country has interests in Lebanon as well.

It is unclear if Minister Ghajar’s stance came in light of the US sanctions on Iran, coupled with the recent reaffirmation of the US support to the Lebanese Army.

The US has furthermore declared that they will support Lebanon as long as it does not become an Iranian proxy state.

Whatever the case, Lebanon’s Energy Minister has just made it clear that the plan to import oil does not include Iran.

This week, Italy, America, and France have stepped in to express support to Lebanon’s stability and security. As Lebanon’s economy dwindles, foreign powers are watching and waiting to see what reforms the Lebanese government has planned.

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