13 Stunning Lakes In Lebanon You Must Visit This Summer

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Situated on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, Lebanon has beautiful beaches. However, it also boasts a number of natural and artificial lakes that should be on your bucket list for this summer.

They’re stunning, peaceful, Instagram-worthy, and, most importantly, bring you to immerse in Lebanon’s beautiful nature.

#1 Ouyoun El-Samak

Located 30 km from Tripoli, between Denniyeh and Akkar, Ouyoun El-Samak is one of those rare beautiful underrated places in Lebanon.

#2 Oyoun Orgosh

Also located in North Lebanon, Ouyoun Orgosh lies on the eastern side of Lebanon’s highest summit, Qornet es-Sawda. It is part of the Baalbek-Hermel governorate.

#3 Chouwen

Probably the most well-known lake in Lebanon, Chouwen is a true heaven on earth. Situated above Byblos, this reserve has a trail leading from the top all the way down to the gorgeous aquamarine lake. It’s worth the hike!

#4 Bnaachi

Bnaachi is a leisure base located in Zgharta, known for its artificial Bnaachi Lake. There, you can do many different activities, such as take a boat ride and have lunch at one of the restaurants on the lake.

#5 Akoura & Laklouk

The beautiful agricultural lakes (or ponds) of the Akoura and Laklouk region truly make it look like a heaven on earth. Just imagine living next door to one of those!

#6 Ammiq

The Ammiq wetland is the only remaining body of water in the Bekaa area that was once rich in water bodies. The wetlands have become an important site for birds; over 250 bird species have been recorded there!

#7 Baakline

In the Chouf district is a hidden gem. From all around, water cascades down to drop into a crystal blue lake. There are many restaurants built to overlook the lake, a perfect view.

#8 Meghrak

In the Batroun district, the Meghrak lake overflows in winter, completely submerging a nearby house in water. This is where the name comes from as “meghrak” refers to “submerged.”

#9 Qaraoun

On the southern side of the Bekaa valley, and in the middle of the Litani River, the largest dam in Lebanon was built. That’s how lake Qaraoun came to be. Though artificial, it’s still a true beauty.

#10 Afqa

In the Jbeil district, a waterfall emerges from a grotto and leads down the mountainside to form the Afqa lake.

#11 Chabrouh

Chabrouh in the Kesserwan district is also an artificial lake created by a dam. The dam was built to provide a water source for the surrounding villages.

#12 Taanayel

Not so far from Zahleh, is the serene village of Taanayel where you will find its stunning lake. If it could be described in three words they would be: peace, beauty, and ducks.

#13 Yammouneh

In the Baalbek district, is the Yammouneh lake. This lake is home to a special species of fish: Pseudophoxinus libani (Levantine minnow). This is the only endemic fish in Lebanon!

During your visits to these amazing sites, enjoy nature, build new memories, take plenty of photos and, most importantly, enact eco-friendliness at all times.

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