Lebanon Is Officially Getting A Drive-In Cinema

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While many places have been allowed to reopen, cinemas and theaters in Lebanon are still closed. Fret not, however, because Lebanon is finally getting a drive-in cinema!

Consider it an unexpected perk of the coronavirus. The creators of “The Drive-in Lebanon” have decided they wanted to bring people together in a safe way during this pandemic.

Therefore, this invention from the 1930s is getting a call back in 2020, as the pandemic has prompted people across the world to find better ways to adapt to the lifestyle change, the “new normal.”

TheDriveinLebanon started its initiative to bring family-friendly movies to people across the country.

Their drive-in cinema is also mobile and is set to stop by over 9 locations so far, beginning in the coastal town of Jbeil.

Every weekend (between Friday and Sunday), movie-lovers can try the old but golden experience of a drive-in cinema for 25,000 L.L. The page has announced that all proceeds will be donated to charity.

“We will be working alongside municipalities of individual regions within Lebanon to ensure that unfortunate families obtain the primary resources they are in need of,” said the owners.

The initiative has assured that it will follow the safety measures recommended by the World Health Organization. In addition, only 3 people will be allowed per car.

Their Instagram account has reached 5K followers on its first day, indicating that this is a promising venture that will hopefully provide some relief from the crises in Lebanon as well as aiding those less fortunate.

Cinemas in Lebanon have closed since March, and remain shut down until further notice.

There’s still Netflix to fill the gap, and it just included a series of iconic Arabic speaking movies, including the Lebanese multi-awarded Capharnaum that you can watch as of September 1st.

Meanwhile, coronavirus cases are seeing a surge after having been stable for a while. Nevertheless, Beirut airport will be opening on July 1st with high expectations of many travelers flying to Lebanon.

We have a dedicated coronavirus section where you can find the latest news/updates about the pandemic in Lebanon, inform yourself with WHO-verified resources, and track the number of cases in Lebanon in real-time. Click here.

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