Famous Lebanese Singer Paid Tribute To Beirut At Abu Dhabi Festival

The 2020 Abu Dhabi Classic, held on February 7 at du Arena, Yas Island,  featured the renowned Lebanese vocalist Majida El-Roumi who, once again and like always, captivated the audience.

Majida El-Roumi is well-admired and respected in the Middle-East. Her crystal clear voice and extraordinary vocal range had brought her to be one of the most sought after singers in the region, performing concerts in numerous MENA countries. 

With her voice of gold, Majida stood on stage during the 9th edition of the Abu Dhabi Festival and gave an outstanding speech in honor of the Lebanese people at concluding her concert.

She addressed the Lebanese in the audience, telling them: “We miss you and Beirut misses you and, hopefully, next time we meet in Beirut, and wipe its tears, and tell Beirut that all countries pass through hard times, and your destiny was always to fight, and rise from the ashes, and stand honorable with head held high.”

With these loving and empowering words, she went on encouraging the Lebanese people in the homeland to stand up and prevail.

“We continue the journey like we have done before through the hardship and we overcome it, if not by our strength then by the strength of God,” she concluded, delivering with that heartwarming speech one of the most trending videos since then.

In an interview with the Emirati press, she stressed that her ultimate goal and faith is that peace prevails in the world, and that love and happiness occupy every human’s life.

When asked about Lebanon during that televised interview, Majida El-Roumi stood up and said, “I bow to the Lebanese people for their sacrifices and the difficult circumstances they are facing.”

She bowed respectfully in front of the camera broadcasting the interview and continued saying, “I bow with appreciation and respect, and I hope that we will reach a day when this crisis will ease down.”

“Since 1975, the Lebanese people have been accustomed to successive misfortunes and they have always stood up,” she stated with confidence. “This has always been our destiny, with God’s permission and our faith in Lebanon, to rise again.”

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