McDonald Is Giving Hospital Staff in Lebanon Free Food For A Year

McDonald's | RHUH

Lebanese nurses and doctors have been looking after the country for months now during the COVID-19 outbreak. The people have been looking after them, too.

From providing medical workers with free accommodation, transportation, wedding dresses, flowers, and even concerts, every person is doing the best she or he can so that these heroes would feel supported.

Most recently, McDonald’s held an event outside the Rafic Hariri University Hospital during which the team announced that they would be providing the staff with golden cards.

These cards will allow employees working in the COVID-19 department at RHUH, to get free McDonald’s food and products for one year. These cards were distributed for the first time ever in .

The event ended with the Lebanese comedian Amal Taleb doing a stand-up comedy sequence to spread positive vibes and entertain the workers and the patients.

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