A Molotov Cocktail Was Thrown At Al-Jadeed TV Station (Video)

An unknown group threw a molotov cocktail bomb at the al-Jadeed TV building in Wata el-Mousaitbeh overnight, according to the media outlet.

The bomb self-extinguished before reaching the building, and security forces are currently investigating the incident.

Recently, al-Jadeed TV and actress Joanna Karaky faced criticism after Karaky made controversial comments on a sketch comedy show.

In the sketch, Karaky claimed that many southerners have married United Nations peacekeepers, leading to a high number of blond, green- or blue-eyed children in the region. This a false claim as this is common across all regions in Lebanon.

This sketch was broadcasted on al-Jadeed’s comedy show Fashet Kheleq, and was met with widespread condemnation from southerners on social media.

This incident comes just weeks after the killing of an Irish peacekeeper in the region.

Al-Jadeed has regularly come under attack for their increased criticism of Hezbollah and Amal.

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