Monaco ‘Friends Of Lebanon’ Just Donated Humanitarian & Medical Aid For Beirut


A ship carrying humanitarian and medical aid docked at Beirut Port on Tuesday, arriving from Monaco and was received by the Lebanese Army.

The shipment is part of a larger donation from the NGO Les Amis Du Liban – Monaco to the Red Cross, the Lebanese Army, and Les Amis du Liban – Beirut branch.

Les Amis Du Liban (Friends of Lebanon) is a Monegasque NGO dedicated to helping children in Lebanon and around the world who are victims of abuse, neglect, and poverty. The association has been also assisting disadvantaged people across Europe.

According to the NGO’s Instagram post announcing the aid shipment, the donation was provided with the help of the AMADE, the Red Cross of Monaco, the Monegasque government, and several Monaco-based associations.

Les Amis Du Liban has been thriving in its humanitarian mission ever since its establishment in Monaco almost 2 decades ago by its current president of Lebanese origins Bouran Bouery.

Bouery’s commitment to the mission was officially recognized by the United Nations that appointed her “Ambassador of Good Will in Western Europe” within the framework of the “Live Lebanon” initiative set up in November 2009 by the United Nations Development Program.

Through the years, the association has received several prizes and distinctions for its various humanitarian actions in Lebanon and across Europe, including from the World Health Organization, the Lebanese Red Cross, and an Honorary Award from Prince Albert II of Monaco.

In recent times, following the blast of Beirut Port and the disaster that befell on the country, the association has been active collection donations for Lebanon and on the ground in Beirut helping with relief efforts.