Over 40% Of Vaccinated People In Lebanon Weren’t Registered To Receive It

Lebanon registered 435 new coronavirus (COVID-19) cases on Saturday.
Rafik Hariri University Hospital

A Central Inspection report that documented the progress of the vaccination campaign from February 8th till the 18th stated that 6,225 individuals have been vaccinated without registering or receiving an appointment for the vaccination.

According to the report, a total of 15,517 vaccination jabs have been administered, a number that contradicts the Health Ministry’s figures reporting that only 14,900 vaccinations occurred.

The total number amounts to only 9,292 for the ones who did register and receive an appointment for the vaccination.

The inoculation campaign started off on the wrong foot, as Dr. Abdel Rahman al-Bizri, head of the national coronavirus committee, said that the percentage of unregistered people who took the vaccine was high during the first week of the vaccination campaign because “communication was lost between the vaccination centers and the platform.”

Al-Bizri told LBCI on Thursday night that the country’s vaccination campaign so far has been flawed and that hospitals administering the jabs “should get their act together.”

One of the hospitals accused of vaccinating people without appointments was the American University of Beirut’s Medical Center (AUBMC), which later clarified and noted that they are strictly following the ministry’s rules.

According to the Health Ministry’s daily COVID-19 report, the total number of cases since coronavirus was first identified in Lebanon a year ago has risen to 372,775, while the total number of deaths now stands at 4,652.

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