This Parking Ticket Incident Shows That Technology Can’t Solve Wasta In Lebanon

While Lebanese people are hoping for a better country, a recent event proved that a lot of work is needed to put Lebanon on the right track. Have you ever been frustrated because you found a parking ticket on your car? Some people don’t have that feeling since they are exempt from having paying these fines! Recently, Jad Eid posted this on Facebook: This is the reply of the business development manager of the company that handles the park meters: In a few words, the reply says that the people who have a card that indicates that they are handicapped are exempted from paying fines. Jad Eid said that the car was owned by a regular person. There was no sign on the license plate that indicates that the owner is a diplomat, a judge, or a politician. The license plate was normal. Despite adopting new technology to help crack down on parking violations, we see that even these devices are being adapted to enable people with wasta to avoid getting tickets.