People Are Cleaning the Streets of Lebanon Every Morning After their Protests!

While protestors flood the Lebanese cities, chanting against corruption, some are participating in the Revolution for a better Lebanon in their own way. They wake up early every day to clean up the streets! If you take a walk early in the day through the protesting streets of Beirut and the other cities, you will find children, elderly, young, and adults picking up discarded bottles and cigarette butts left by the protestors during the nights. 


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For over years, Lebanese have been demanding solutions for the pollution crisis. Trash has been flooding all the Lebanese areas, leaving behind polluted air and water, and making the daily life and commuting in our cities unbearable.

As this revolution is basically for fundamental human rights and decent living conditions, it is also against pollution… and the garbage crisis that the government has failed to solve for years now.


Every morning, these decent and conscious individuals are reminding the government that they are aware and awake, and they want solutions for this exhausting crisis.

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In an interview with France 24, Medical student Lynn Abi Khalil said that she couldn’t participate in the revolution due to family reasons. So, to take part in this “Lebanese wedding” as she and many are calling it, Lynn decided to pick up a pair of gloves, head to the streets, and remove the trashes every day.


For the past 10 days, Lebanese of different backgrounds and sects have joined this environmental initiative, taking the revolution to a superior level.

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In the beginning, they were just 10 of them, setting up an admirable example for many who soon started doing the same. Now, they are thousands of eco-friendly citizens in the streets of Lebanon every morning, and throughout the day.


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One of the street clean-up initiatives is Muwatin Lebnene. This group is concerned with cleaning Martyr’s Square and Riad el Solh where thousands of people protest at night. They meet up every day at 8 am in Martyr’s Square and start cleaning the whole place.

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Other initiatives have taken place in other cities and areas of Lebanon, including Jal el Dib, Tyre, Saida, Tripoli, Jbeil, and Zahle. If you want to participate in these initiatives, just pick a pair of gloves, hit the streets at 8 am, and meet up with your fellow citizens that are ensuring that our streets remain clean.

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This is our country, and it is our duty in the absence of the government to take action and keep it clean. We don’t all have to chant and call loudly to be part of the revolution; we can do so by showing how we see our future Lebanon: Clean (in all sense).


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