People In Lebanon Just Hijacked A Truck Transporting Milk

People In Lebanon Just Hijacked A Truck Transporting Milk
NNA | WFP/Edward Johnson

A group of people on Thursday hijacked a truck loaded with milk in northern Lebanon.

As the truck was passing through the road that connects Halba to Deir Daloum in the Akkar Governorate, the crowd forced it to stop and emptied it of the milk it was transporting, according to the National News Agency.

They then proceeded to distribute the milk to passersby. The incident resulted in a traffic jam in the area.

This comes a day after a similar incident took place in Akkar when a group of people hijacked and emptied a fuel tanker.

As the economic crisis in Lebanon progresses, chaos is taking over the streets, with armed confrontations between civilians becoming more frequent and long car queues extending from gas stations becoming the new norm.

In addition to draining the country and its gas stations of fuel, the crisis has caused sporadic shortages of various commodities and essential goods, such as baby milk.

It is now also threatening the Lebanese people’s food security from a new angle. In a recent statement, the Syndicate of Food Importers demanded that the central bank pays them their dues for subsidy bills, warning that failing to do so would force them to sell imported goods at the parallel exchange rate of the U.S. dollar to the Lebanese pound.