Protesters Give Parliament 48 Hours for a Governmental Reform

The 17th October Revolution may have passed through some major hard obstacles. Even though it proved its strength via the solidarity of the revolutionaries and their refusal to fight aggression with violence, it is now passing through the hardest phase yet.


People built tents and camped in the streets of Lebanon for 13 days. They were tear-gassed by army forces, beaten up by pro-government supporters, and were exposed to threats, treason, media propaganda, and bribery.

Protesters chanted, cried, sang, laughed, danced, and broke down sometimes under pressure and fear of the unknown. They passed through all of that in hope of a change and a governmental resignation, which they have achieved. Now it is the time they feel like they went through all of that for SOMETHING.

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Prime Minister’s resignation is not enough. It actually does not meet 1% of the protestors’ rightful demands. The Prime Minister needed to resign for the government to automatically resign too, according to the Constitution of Lebanon.

The government needed to resign so a qualified new government reform out of the ashes of the ghost-government that stood before it. And this is the tricky part.

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Protesters are aware of the twisted ways of the Parliament they remorsefully (or at least a big part of them) had elected in May 2018, with little to no trust that these Parliament members, if left unattended, will choose ideal competent ministers. Just like the Earth is round, we know for sure that politicians are liars.

And we are so done with it.

This is why protestors at the Ring Bridge –the House of the People, as called by some protestors- gave the Parliament 48 hours to form a new government based on the needs and demands of the Lebanese people.


Lebanese people now are well aware that they do not and should never feel like they serve politicians or the president. The whole idea of a governmental system is that the people in it are servants of the nation and that the voice of the nation is the only voice heard. And the nation has spoken in its massive majority.

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Protesters at the Ring Bridge decided to open the road and gave the people in authority 48 hours to form a government based on specialists. They threatened to return to the street in case their demands were not met.


The clock is ticking, and the nation awaits a rabbit out of a magical hat, any time now.

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