Protestors Attack And Set Fire To Banks In Beirut

Protesters are burning tires in front of several banks on Badaro Street. The protests escalated as some demonstrators reportedly smashed the windows of the banks in the area and set them on fire.

Byblos, BBAC, and Credit Bank branches in Badaro have also been vandalized by the protesters.

Beirut City Fire Brigade was able to put out a fire that broke out in two banks in the city.

The firefighting teams acted swiftly to intervene and control the fire, preventing it from spreading to other parts of the building and surrounding areas.

The incident highlights the ongoing fragility of the banking sector in Lebanon, which has been plagued by capital controls and restrictions on withdrawals since late 2019.

Many Lebanese have struggled to access their own funds in the banks, prompting some to take to the streets in protest.

Despite this, Banks took to “strike” this past week to put pressure on the government to take action.

The situation in Badaro remains tense, and additional security measures are expected to be put in place in the area to prevent further incidents.

Heavy traffic is reported on the roads leading toward Adliya. As the protests spread across the area.

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