Riots Broke Out in Roumieh Prison as Inmates Demand Amnesty

Inmates of Lebanon’s most infamous prison in Roumieh carried out riots on Monday, expressing justified rage over the fact that the general amnesty law has not been passed yet.

Inmates are concerned over the spread of Coronavirus among the prison population, according to an MTV report.

Security forces were seen intervening in the riots and settling prisoners back in order to contain the rampant situation, as videos of fires and crowds of inmates protesting in the prison’s block B circulated online.

Inmates are seen harming themselves, pushing each other through tight spaces, and chanting. Block B houses inmates suspected of terrorist activity.

The General Amnesty law, which might potentially include clauses that would apply to those charged with terrorism, assault against the Lebanese Army, drugs, and fraud, according to the press, is yet to be endorsed by Lebanon’s Parliament (understandably a very delicate matter to address).

Prisoners were reportedly even further aggravated when they knew of the acquittal of the former head of Israeli-linked Khiam prison Amer Fakhoury, the charges against whom included torture and murder.

Clashes between security forces and inmates reportedly ensued all of Monday evening. This prompted a need for riot police to also intervene, LBCI reported.

Fakhoury had been accused of collaborating with Israel and was eventually charged with both the torture and kidnapping of thousands of Lebanese citizens in South Lebanon’s Khiam prison – a facility he oversaw between 1985 and 2000.

He was also charged with murder and the attempted murder of inmates. At least ten people died at the prison during Fakhoury’s tenure at Khiam.

The Internal Security Forces denied, in a tweet last Thursday, March 12th, the presence of four Coronavirus cases inside Roumieh prison.

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