Some Schools In Lebanon Are Reportedly Asking Parents To Pay Their Children’s Tuition In Dollars

Expert Says Lebanon Is Not Ready For Schools In September
Middle East Online

Parents in the Al Matn district of Mount Lebanon Governorate have reportedly received text messages from their kids’ schools explaining the financial crisis the country is experiencing and its many effects on the educational sector.

In that same text, schools informed the parents that, as of next September, the principle of supplementary installment will be adopted in which a portion of the tuition will be paid purely in USD.

Students’ tuitions are reported to range from $700 for kindergarten to $1,600 for the rest.

If the financial crisis is not tackled the soonest by the government, the next few years will inevitably witness a significant number of parents moving their kids from private schools to public schools.

However, the public education sector in Lebanon is not as equipped and ready to take on the upcoming wave, which could materialize into another major crisis as many children could remain without schooling.

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