Several Injured at the Grand Opening Sales of a Jbeil Store

After a Jbeil shop opened its doors on Sunday, its price-slashing grand opening sale drew over enthusiastic people by the masses, which ensued in chaos, causing 12 injuries with six hospitalizations. 


The injuries were a result of a broken glass window that collapsed under the weight of so many people rushing into the shop, known as Jbeil King of Savings. Comparable to Black Friday, the shop was offering unheard-of prices, such as microwaves for $3 that were advertised on the shop’s Facebook page. 

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Several people fainted, while others were injured from the glass itself, according to the Civil Defense. Three people were taken to the Notre Dame de Secours Hospital, six others were treated with first aid by the Civil Defense, and three other people were taken with injuries to another hospital nearby. 


The store’s banner on the day of its grand opening boasted, “The cheapest and largest bazaar in Lebanon, hundreds of varieties and models at a token price.” 

The state-run National News Agency reported that lines had been forming outside the shop since very early in the morning on Sunday, as people from all over the country wanted to get their hands on the incredibly cheaply priced items. 

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Moreover, as a result of the sale, a great deal of traffic was reported by the Internal Security Forces along the highway from Jbeil to Amchit.

Needless to say, the store’s grand opening didn’t go as expected. And now, the store’s own Facebook page is no longer accessible. 

Back in February, the store’s branch of Tripoli held a similar sale event, where YouTube videos depict the same kinds of crowds, but without so much chaos, and no incident.


Black Friday sales in the United States, the original sale frenzy after Thanksgiving, create similar scenarios every year. Fights break out over TVs and just about anything else, all in search of a good deal. 

As we Lebanese try to save a little money, it’s important to remember to stay grounded and safe during these sale events. 

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