Sister Of Lebanese Singer George Al-Rassi Blames The State Negligence For His Deadly Accident


Lebanese singer George Al-Rassi was killed in a horrific traffic accident on Al-Masnaa road near Public Security, along with his coordinator Zeina Al-Maraabi who also died instantly.

Al-Rassi and his coordinator were heading back from an event in Syria when the accident occurred just one kilometer after they crossed the Syrian public security point into Lebanon.

The road was in total darkness with no electricity and no road paint marking the way in the dark, not even on the median barrier on which their car collided.

The forensic death report of the 39 years Lebanese singer revealed fractures in the rib cage and head and a crushed bone in one of his feet.

Lawyer Ashraf Al-Moussawi, the legal representative of Al-Rassi, stated that the injuries resulted from intense bruises after his car strongly collided with the median barrier.

Al-Moussawi confirmed that the investigations were concluded with a reference from the Appeal Public Prosecutor in the Bekaa, Judge Munif Barakat, after listening to the testimony of Khalil Al-Rassi, the father of George Al-Rassi, according to Annahar.

Georges Al-Rassi is a Lebanese singer, born in 1982 in the village of Salamon Al-Qoumash in Lebanon. He is the brother of the artist Nadine Al-Rassi, and the husband of the Brazilian-Lebanese model, Joel Hatem.

Nadine commented in very touching terms, saying that “the accident is not a fate, but rather the result of negligence by the state,” and vowed that “those who caused it will pay the price.”

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