Lebanese Students Donated Their Prom Money to Fight Hunger in Lebanon

Lebanese BHS students donated 1.8 million LBP to FoodBlessed
FoodBlessed/Maya Terro

After spending months gathering money for their annual prom, a group of Brummana High School (BHS) students has decided to donate the amount they had amassed to the hungry of Lebanon.

Throughout the past school year, Anna Diba, the head of the BHS Prom Committee, alongside her fellow students and committee members, had been striving to raise the needed funds to organize the last gathering of the school’s senior students.

The Committee had spent much time and effort to organize numerous events and activities, including bake sales, Christmas goodie bags, Valentine’s Day roses, and others to finally collect 1.8 million Lebanese pounds by early Spring.

BHS teachers, students, and staff all lent a helping hand for the Committee to ensure their senior students get a memorable sendoff.

However, after their work was over, the Committee members realized that the school year would not end the way they had expected it to.

Alas, the COVID-19 situation prevented the BHS Prom Committee from organizing their school’s traditional celebratory dance event.

BHS volunteer at FoodBlessed
BHS / Richard Bampfylde

Coincidentally, having observed the ugly outcomes of the economic crisis manifesting all around them, the students decided to put the money to good use by donating it to the local hunger relief initiative, FoodBlessed.

Every Saturday, the volunteers of FoodBlessed gather to pack food assistance packages containing basic food commodities to be delivered to the struggling families that need them, all thanks to the money they raise every week from individual donors.

Wasting no time, on Saturday, May 30th, Anna and her sister Clara, alongside BHS’s Marketing Manager, Mr. Richard Bampfylde, volunteered with FoodBlessed and helped put together the rations that would help vulnerable families.

BHS Prom Committee donated 1.8 million LBP to FoodBlessed
BHS / Richard Bampfylde

The group eagerly helped FoodBlessed box 166 rations, 25 of which were donated by the BHS Prom Committee and would feed 25 families for a full month.

To thank the volunteering group, Co-founder Maya Terro and the rest of the present FoodBlessed volunteers surprised them with a cake depicting graduation hats, gowns, and notices.

On the contribution, Mr. Bampfylde told The961, “It was an amazing and unforgettable experience for the BHS team to be part of such a caring community and to invest its energy into it.”

Congratulations to the BHS seniors
BHS / Richard Bampfylde

For the BHS’s students and Prom Committee, “unity among the citizens of Lebanon is what will help the population survive these extremely difficult times,” he said.

They hope to inspire other students and citizens to partake in similar charitable initiatives and help alleviate the unspoken pain that innumerable people go through in Lebanon, every waking minute.

The Committee urges the prom committees of other schools to follow suit and donate their money to NGOs and social aid initiatives.

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Don't forget to SWIPE LEFT! YOU'RE IN FOR A SURPRISE in the 3rd slide! •• All packing days at FoodBlessed are special but this Saturday packing day was EXTRA special! In addition to prepping a whopping number of 166 food boxes (ALL thanks to our DONORS), we had some special volunteers with us from @brummanahighschoolofficial ? We all know that all events are on hold and this includes school proms. One group of senior students decided to give back to their community instead of throwing a prom party! That's why Anna (head of prom committee) & Clara from Brummana high school along with other senior students decided to use their prom money to donate food boxes to families in need. The money donated to FoodBlessed will provide 25 families in need with food boxes. Stories like these melt our hearts. Good on you BHS students ! Our society need more kind students like you. Very heartening! We also had something special THANK YOU prepared for them. A surprise if we may say and they WERE surprised indeed. Thank you @nourabd our Volunteer coordinator for the bright idea! 🙂 If you're a senior student& this story inspired you in some way, do not hesitate to contact us! We believe a lot of you can give back to society. Let this year be one where proms actually make a difference to those in need, not just to the people who are graduating high school 🙂 • • السبت كان مميّّز زيادة! بالإضافة لتوضيب 166 حصّة غذائية (كل الشّكر للمتبرّعين)، تطوّعوا معنا متطوّعين مميّزين من مدرسة برمانا الثانوية ? كلنا منعرف انو كل النشاطات موقّفة هالفترة بما فيها حفلات الـprom. مجموعة من طلاب الترمينال قرّروا يتبرّعوا للمجتمع بالمصاري يلي جمّعوهن للـprom! لهيك آنا (مسؤولة لجنة الـprom) وكلارا من مدرسة برمانا الثانوية بالإضافة لطلاب الصف التانيين قرّروا يستعملوا مصاري الـprom ليتبرّعوا بحصص غذائية لعائلات محتاجة. المصاري يلي تبرّعوا فيها رح تأمن لـ25 عيلة حصص غذائية. قصص متل هيك كتير بتخلّينا مبسوطين. شكراً لتلاميذ BHS! مجتمعنا بحاجة لطلّاب متلكن. شي بكبّر القلب! كمان نحن حضّرنا شكر مميّز لالن. شكراً @nourabd للفكرة الحلوة!اذا انتوا كمان رح تتخرّجوا وهيدي القصّة أثّرت فيكن بأي طريقة، ما تتردّدوا تحكونا! كتير منآمن انو فيكن تغيروا بالمجتمع. خلّي هيدي السنة يكون الـprom يلي الكن بحدث تغيير .

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On that note, Maya Terro, the co-founder and executive director of FoodBlessed, said that what the senior high schoolers of BHS did “embodies the true meaning of giving.”

“…They could have easily taken their money back but, instead, they donated it to FoodBlessed! I hope their movement to give back to those in need in the community catches on,” she added.

FoodBlessed works with strategic partners, including food and non-food companies, to deliver surplus food recovered through events, such as food drives and fundraisers, to non-profit partners and families that need it.

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In addition to directly delivering to families in need, FoodBlessed also supports other local non profits that aren’t able to provide food aid to their beneficiaries themselves without an extra help! Among these are @chreeklb. Thanks to them and @vanessakassabian and @georges_kassis we were able to deliver food boxes to families in need in Keserwen and Jbeil! Thank you Hassan and Peter for coming to Beirut! Thank you @george_ghafary and Our hunger hero Vee for reaching out and for your help with delivering the boxes ? ?❤️ special thank you to this old man for helping us out. We met him while we were loading he truck for Keserwen and Jbeil. He asked for a box because he was homeless and saw us but didn’t accept to take it without first offering us help! #beathungerlb • • • بالإضافة للتوصيل مباشرة للعائلات المحتاجة, فودبلسد كمان بتدعم الجمعيات التانية المحلية يلي مش قدرتها تأمن مساعدات غذائية للأسماء الموجودة عندها منها من دون مساعدة إضافية! من هيدي الجمعيات جمعية شريك. شكرا لإلهم ولڤانيسا كاسابيان و جورج قسيس بفضلهم قدرنا نوصل حصص غذائية على جبيل وكسروان! شكرا جورج غفاري و محاربة الجوع ڤي لمساعدتكم إلنا بتوصيل الحصص الغذائية ?❤️?. وشكر خاص لهيدا الزلمي الكبير لأن ساعدنا بالتحميل. التقينا في نحنا وعم نحمل الحصص لكسروان جبيل. وطلب حصة غذائية لأنه مشرد وشافنا عم نشتغل، وما قبل ياخذ الحصة قبل ما! يساعدنا بالتحميل! #BeatHungerLB #مونة_بالمونة

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Thanks to the efforts of its passionate volunteers and the kind donations of hundreds of contributors, the likes of BHS’s students, FoodBlessed has helped serve over 700,000 meals across Lebanon to people who desperately needed them.

Each aid box costs the organization $20 and is, on average, enough to feed a family of 4 for a month. You can help combat hunger in Lebanon by donating to FoodBlessed here.

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