Lebanese Students Are Fighting To Keep Their School From Closing

The Daily Star/Hasan Shaaban


No For Shutting Down St. Sauveur is the hashtag circulating the internet this week, launched by the students of College Saint Sauveur in Badaro, Beirut.

Their desperation is reflecting in their statement that said:

“We, the students of the CSS Badaro, regret to inform that the archbishop George Bakeouni came up with the decision to shut our school down. This decision was made despite all the attempts by the teachers, the parents, and the students to find solutions that will satisfy all parties.”

According to the students’ statement, if the archbishop goes through with this decision, 450 students will be out of school and 50 teachers out of employment.

The students also shared their anxiety at their imminent loss of the place where they spent their childhood, where they made friends, and where they planned to continue their education.

“We are trying with all means possible to keep the school open. Our message is for whoever might be concerned,” the students wrote.

“We want to get our message through. We tried numerous times to talk with the archbishop but to no avail.”

Noting that College Saint Sauveur Badaro was founded in 1887, so it has been educating generations for over 130 years.

A source of the related Patriarchate told TV El-Nashra that the reason for shutting down the school is in its “misgovernance in hiring teachers,” and “the teachers’ high salaries,” adding to “teachers having side jobs.”

The administration of the school prompted to refute the claim, stating that the teachers’ salaries are set according to the law.

It stated that there is no random hiring of teachers and that whoever claimed otherwise and of misgovernance has no knowledge in school management; reported El-Nashra.

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