11 Mountain Hangout Spots In North Lebanon You Should Take Your Friends To This Summer

@hazesunsetbar | @shouweta_cabin

From campsites to unique bars, here are 11 hangout spots in the northern mountains and hills of Lebanon to escape the summer heat.

#1 Jird40

Jird40 on the hilltops of Dannieh Mountains is an ultimate mountain summer break! This amazing hang-out spot is ideal for night picnics under the stars and around a bonfire. You can even camp the night in a tent or small wooden hut that comes with light and electrical plugs. An idea: work in nature!

#2 Haze Sunset Bar

Want to have a good time in the mountains up north? Look no further. Located in Ehden, Haze dubs itself as the first sunset bar in North Lebanon. Haze attracts visitors with its joyful spirit and down-to-earth vibes.

#3 GreenHouse Café & Bar

This exquisite location is a sunset bar/garden café perched atop a hill in the Batroun District and has a stunning view of the horizon.

#4 Arnaoon Village

Located in the Batroun District, Arnaoon Village is a unique standalone village, guesthouse, and event venue where you can enjoy a nice weekend picnic with your family or friends.

#5 Ixsir

Located just outside of Batroun, in a town called Basbina, Ixsir is home of the best Rosé in the world!

#6 Shouweta Cabin

Shouweta Cabin is a cozy retreat under the oak trees. The mountain cabin is located in the stunning Kfarhelda, Batroun, North Lebanon. It offers guided hiking tours in the mesmerizing village.

#7 Olin Woods

With unique private treehouses, Olin Woods is a terrific spot for a spontaneous escapade. You don’t need to pack, they’ve got you covered with everything you need for a chill picnic and even camping.

#8 Martinos Land

Martinos Land is a resto-bar/campsite with fun wooden bungalows. It’s also a venue for private events for the whole family. And it’s pet-friendly!

#9 The Cave Resort

Hang out with your favorite person and discover the hidden wonders of Akkar at The Cave Resort in Fnaidek, North Lebanon.

#10 Indigo Kousba

Located north of Batroun is a convenient escape suited days by the pool, nights under the stars, picnics, and glamping experiences with friends or family.

#11 Koura Camping

Koura Camping is a chill place to hang out in Koura, North Lebanon. It’s not your typical campsite, and comes surrounded by a stunning view.