12 Places For Mouthwatering Tacos In Lebanon

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Mexican food is quite popular in and outside Lebanon. With the Mexican cuisine rich in spices, taste, and colorful veggies, there is no wonder that it has appealed to the Lebanese palate.

Taco, in particular, is the most favored among the variety of Mexican dishes. It is the first thing that comes to mind when mentioning Mexican food.

It is made of corn or flour tortillas wrapping delicious meat, chicken, fish, or even vegan-friendly fillings, then topped with diced onion and coriander, spicy salsas, and lime.

Here are the most popular places in Lebanon serving tasty tacos to visit for a great Mexican experience!

#1 Catrinas – Mar Mikhael

If you want to experience fusion Mexican cuisine, all you have to do is to go to Catrinas.

It serves delicious Tacos, and also Fajita Chicken Sizzler, Shrimp Fajitas, Chicken Burritos, and Chicken Quesadilla, along with tasty cocktails in a very Mexican ambiance.

#2 Taco Diablos – Hamra

Tacos Diablos is a place to go when you are in or around Hamra in Beirut. The restaurant serves other specialties as well, including Burritos and Mexican-like fresh veggie bowls, among many other fusions of Tex-Mex.

#3 Taco De Madre – Mar Mikhael

Taco De Madre is one of the best places in Beirut to eat Steak tacos, Pulled Beef, Tortilla Chips, Salsa, and Guacamole.

This restaurant also has amazing themed Décor, perfect for the full-on Mexican experience.

#4 Salud – Gemmayze

You can enjoy Tacos, Guacamole, and Chicken Burritos at Salud in Gemmayze, and experience the Mexican fusion food along with its amazing ambiance.

#5 Copas Grill – Broummana

For a traditional Mexican and fusion cuisine, you have to visit Copas Grill in Broummana and experience their wide variety of Mexican dishes, such as Fajitas, nachos, and burritos, and obviously, Tacos!

#6 Pacifico – Ashrafieh

Pacifico in Ashrafieh is one of the oldest Mexican restaurants in town. It serves a variety of Mexican dishes like Tacos, Mushroom Quesadilla, Fajitas, Guacamole, and delicious cocktails.

#7 El Molino – Jbeil

For an original Mexican cuisine, and exquisite Tacos, you can visit El Molino restaurant located in Byblos old port, and enjoy the amazing view over the Phoenician harbor.

#8 Garcia’s – Dbayeh

Fajitas, Guacamole, cocktails, drinks, and surely, Tacos, Garcia’s in Dbayeh has it all, along with great music vibes to enjoy your time.

#9 Pierre Y Amigos – Batroun

Located in the vibrant Lebanese city of Batroun, Pierre Y Amigos has a great menu and amazing decoration that will make you feel like you are in Mexico.

And just like its Mexican aesthetic, you will enjoy its tacos and delicious menu!

#10 Joe Peña’s – Beirut

Joe Peña’s has been operating in Lebanon since 1987, serving authentic Mexican cuisine & exquisite cocktails.

This restaurant would be perfect for a Mexican-style getaway with your friends.

#11 Taco Truck – Bikfaya

For an authentic Mexican street food experience, you got Taco Truck in Bikfaya. It serves delicious tempting Tacos and a variety of Mexican dishes, including its own signature Quesadillas that will keep you wanting for more.

#12 Taco Mambo – Faraya

At Taco Mambo in Street Eats in Frayra, it’s the Street Tex-Mex Fiesta of delicious Texan-Mexican fusion street food, including tacos in a variety and more. It could also be found at Souk El Akel in Beirut.