Thefts From Passengers’ Bags Reported At Beirut Airport

Lebanese-Brazilian Allegedly Just Tried Smuggling Cocaine Through The Beirut Airport

The General Directorate of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) issued a report about a jewelry theft at the Beirut Airport from inside a passenger bag, which led to the discovery of a series of similar thefts.

A citizen filed a claim to the Administrative and Judicial Police Platoon against an unknown person who stole, on May 3rd, his wife’s jewelry valued at $4,000.-

According to him, the jewelry was inside her bag placed in cargo while she was leaving Lebanon for Turkey through Rafic Hariri International Airport.

The wife discovered the theft only after her arrival in Turkish lands.

After investigations, the above-mentioned authorities suspected that a Bangladeshi worker in a shipping company, called B. M. (born in 1987), was behind the theft.

The suspect confessed to the crime during interrogation and revealed that his colleague M. D. (born in 1988, Bangladeshi) was carrying out another theft, which brought the authorities to arrest him.

The colleague admitted that he had carried out multiple thefts from inside the bags of passengers on previous dates.

Subsequently, a patrol of the aforementioned faction, with the support of a patrol from the Al-Mrayjeh in the regional gendarmerie unit, went to their homes, where they seized sums of money in different currencies, gold and silver jewelry, two cell phones, and an expensive wristwatch.

The thieves were placed, along with the seized items, in the Judicial Police Unit for further investigation.

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