11 Things To Do In The Tourist Village of Bkassine In Lebanon


Located near Jezzine District, South of Lebanon, Bkassine is a charming village of sublime and picturesque nature, and one of the best tourist villages in the world, as recently declared by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

It is an ancient town, dating back to the Phoenician era, hence its original Aramaic-Syriac name Beit Kassine. Its municipality is one of the oldest and most active in Lebanon, founded in 1899.

The love and care of its natives and municipality to their village have made it one of the cleanest and most sustainable in the country, recycling and providing sustainable options to take care of its rich ecosystem and agriculture.

Bkassine is truly an amazing village to have on your bucket list, and here are some relevant things you can do to enjoy it while in town.

#1 Visit its beautiful religious sites

Built in 1855, the church of Saydet el-Najat (Our Lady of Salvation) is a place to visit, as well as the Saint Joseph Monastery. An impressive religious site that will take your breath away is the Saint Takla church in the village’s plaza. It’s known as one of the most beautiful churches in the country.

If you happen to plan your visit in September, don’t miss the Saint Takla Festival, which is one of the most popular events of the season in the south.

#2 Visit Bkassine’s pine forest

Visit the village’s impressive and largest pine forest in the Middle East. The forest extends over almost three square kilometers. The pine forest of Bkassine is also classified as a protected area, so make sure to keep the area clean.

#3 Explore the traditional architecture

The Lebanese architectural heritage is one of Bkassine’s traditional features, with beautiful houses of limestones and red roof tiles, and hall-like spaces.

#4 Enjoy a hike through glorious natural beauty

There are several hiking trails you can enjoy in Bkassine, either in the pine forest or in areas between Bkassine and Jezzine. You can also get to admire the villages’ old stone bridges and watermills.

#5 Plan for a picnic in nature

Natural spots for a picnic abound in Bkassine. Consider spending a day with your friends or family enjoying a healthy meal in the fresh air of Bkassine’s stunning nature. Remember, keep clean the spot embracing your good time picnicking with your friends.

#6 Explore Bkassine’s main plaza and its souk

Tour throughout the main square of Bkassine. There is a small souk also with shops of local artisans and products.

#7 Savour the local specialities

Bkassine’s abundant forest pine has always been a source of pine nuts for the villagers’ local food. Pine nuts or pine kernels are very present in countless dishes of traditional Lebanese cuisine. In Bkassine, you’ll also find its own specialties, desserts inspired by pine nuts like “Layali Bkassine”.

Local products from the land and the villagers’ hard work are many, including honey, thyme, wine, and more.

#8 Camping

The Bkassine-Jezzine area has many camping sites, offering a great experience to enjoy for tourists and locals. You may also choose to camp in one of the many quiet spots in the surrounding nature.

#9 Spend the night in a guesthouse

If you are not much for sleeping on the ground, you can still spend an amazing weekend in one of Bkassine’s guesthouses that offer all the comfort and amenities you’ll need to enjoy your stay.

#10 Enjoy a fresh meal at a local restaurant

If you are not up for a picnic, there are various restaurants in the village serving tasty and traditional Lebanese meals.

#11 Visit neighboring sites

One of the main beauties of Lebanon’s mountains is that villages border each other and freely connect and interconnect with each other. That makes visiting neighboring sites an easy one-day activity.

When in Bkassine, especially if you are spending the night in town, consider checking Jezzine’s waterfalls, one of the tallest in the world, and the impressive Serhal Palace also in Jezzine.

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