The 9 Things Your Lebanese Neighbors Always Do

Neighbors are a huge part of a Lebanese person’s life. You probably have heard many times from your fellow Lebanese expats that neighbors in other countries don’t even say “bonjour” in the morning.

Since we interact with our neighbors a lot, we also know a lot about them – here are a few things that characterize Lebanese neighbors!

#1 They borrow things from each other

Are you organizing a party and need a few more plates? All you have to do is to knock on your neighbor’s door and ask for some! The best part is that they’ll give it back with delicious treats in it! And this is how it feels when they fill your plates with the delicious lunch they were having…

#2 They keep you safe!

No, they do not stand on the balcony and watch your every move to gossip, but they certainly are always present, scanning the neighborhood like security cameras… As annoying as it can get, at least you know there are witnesses if something happens…

#3 They think they are your consultants or psychologists

Lebanese neighbors feel the need to know about everything that is going on in your life: grades, relationships, social life, ambitions… Sometimes they know more about yourself than you do.

They also are ready at any moment to give their opinions about life decisions, when you actually never really asked for their opinion.

#4 But for some reason they can’t remember your major or job

They will literally ask you “what is your job/ major?” every time you visit them. And for those who major in computer science, computer engineering, or pretty much anything else related to technology, they will simply reply “chi bel computer”. This is usually followed by the “tante” asking you to fix the television. The pain though…

#5 They are the “3safir” that your mom always told you about

The secret is finally out! Yes, the “3asfoura” – the little bird – that knows everything about you is the “tante” next door.

#6 They invite you over for coffee multiple times a day

We’ll hear “tell your mom to come and drink coffee” just about every morning. And if your mom is the one who usually invites your neighbors for a “sobhiye,” act like you’re sleeping to avoid making the coffee. Works every time.

#7 They are the human version of your childhood photo album

It’s always nice to sit with them and hear stories about your childhood, until they start telling you about the embarrassing things you did when you were a child.

#8 Their food tastes better

No idea why.

#9 They are family

Yes, a lot of arguments happen between neighbors, but in the end, you spent the majority of your life with them. You were there for each other through thick and thin. El ja’r ableh eldar! Eh walla!