This Lebanese App Helps You Cook Like A Chef!

Meal planning is not a piece of cake! It requires time, patience, and skills. Most people are busy these days and are relying on takeouts to get their calorie fix.

You are highly encouraged to follow a proper diet to be healthy. The easiest way to get your hands on healthy dishes is to prepare them from the comfort of your own kitchen. Also, did you know that preparing food is cheaper than buying meals?

Two Lebanese students, Rami Abi Habib and Andrew Chami, created a mobile application to put an end to our struggles. Lina is an artificial intelligence powered cooking assistant that helps you find all kinds of recipes according to your taste and depending on the ingredients you have.

Lina App

The app is designed to make cooking personalized and simple. You can save a recipe, directly add it to your shopping list, or start cooking step by step right away.

The most important part is that the more you use Lina, the more she understands your food preferences, the better the recipe results.

If you don’t know how to cook, don’t worry! Lina will give you step by step instructions! She also has the right tools to manage your calories!

Follow these steps!


Lina App

Lina can help you find new recipes you will love. She will keep in mind all your preferences on ingredients, cuisine, restrictions, and even down to the calorie count.


Lina App

See an ingredient you don’t like? Just ask Lina for a substitution.


Lina App

You will cook the right meal thanks to her deep, insightful knowledge of all cuisines and her perfect sense of timing.

The ones behind this initiative

Rami and Andrew studied Economics in America and Business Administration in Paris respectively. Both of them love cooking and technology!

Andrew was living in London with a roommate who loved cooking. He started cooking every single night. When he moved to Paris, he was messaging his roommate for recipes every time he wanted to prepare a meal. That’s when he realized that Artificial Intelligence could help him in finding recipes.

At the same time, Rami always loved cooking and technology. He wanted to bring the two together, but there were so many ways that AI and cooking could work together.

During early summer 2017, Rami and Andrew were talking about AI, the future, cooking, and then sprung Lina. They secured an investor and began development.

Lina is available on the App Store

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