Tyre Lit Its Christmas Tree Amid a Papal Message of Peace to All Lebanese

The Christmas spirit in Lebanon this year is unique and special with the revolution mode where the people of the revolution, who have been protesting for nearly two months now, have chosen this year to set their Christmas trees each in their own way with a revolution twist.


Earlier today, the municipality of Tyre in the south of Lebanon lit its Christmas tree in the square of al-Kassam in the presence of the papal ambassador in Lebanon, Archbishop Joseph Spiteri.

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In attendance as well: MP Enaya Ezzedine, Commander of the Western Sector at UNIFIL, Commander of the Italian Battalion, Colonel Cacha Guerra, heads and members of municipal and voluntary associations and a crowd of people.


Dr. Randa Abu Saleh, head of the Women and Children Committee in the municipality, made the opening speech, in which she said, “Today we seek faith, and peace, here we are in the square of al-Kassam. Here we live and here we resist, and here we stand and here we rejoice. And we hope to surmount all these difficulties and crises with confidence, wisdom, and steadfastness. This religious occasion that every young and old await with eagerness and passion […]

Ambassador Spittari followed it with his speech, thanking all those present, and expressing his joy at the example that the city of Tyre creates through coexistence. He stressed that “this is the truth of the Lebanese spirit.”

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He said: “I convey a special peace from Pope Francis to all the Lebanese, with his prayers for all Lebanese sects.” Then he talked about the choir participating in the celebration, which includes young students. “They are the future of Lebanon that must be worked on to protect.”

Then MP Ezz El-Din had a word in which she affirmed that “Christ is the birth of hope with the salvation of humanity from the thieves of the Temple who stole the hopes and dreams of people.”

“Today, from the city of Tyre, we lit the Christmas tree and lit candles in the hope that our beliefs, tolerance, and love would enlighten in our hearts. All violence is unjustified,” she said.


Gregorian chants by the choir of the Qadmus School were held, followed by the lightening of the Christmas tree. The attendees went then to the port where a second tree and a nativity were lit.

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