Video: Biden Drops ‘Inshallah’ During Live Debate With Trump

Last night, Donald Trump and Joe Biden, presidential candidates for the upcoming US election, debated on live TV.

Most people agreed it was a complete mess, with both candidates talking at each other – mostly with Trump stealing the show, as usual. It was filled with insults and a lot of interruptions

In the midst of the chaos, viewers missed the part where Biden used “Inshallah” during one of his responses to Trump.

When discussing Trump’s tax returns, Trump said, “You’ll get to see it” to which, Biden asked “When? Inshallah?”

For those who don’t know, Inshallah means “God willing.” In this case, it’s used sarcastically as “yeah, right.”

Several people questioned if that’s what he intended to say all along or was he misheard.

However, Asma Khalid, a national political correspondent for NPR covering the 2020 presidential campaign confirmed it with his campaign. He did indeed say that with the appropriate sarcastic usage.

This could be an attempt to subtly appeal to the Lebanese and Arab Americans, particularly in Michigan (looking at you, Dearborn) – a key state during elections.

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