Take A Look At Lebanon’s ‘Longest’ Fuel Queue (Video)

(Video) Take A Look At Lebanon's 'Longest' Fuel Queue

A Lebanese man has documented what he deemed the longest queue of cars waiting to refuel at a gas station in Lebanon.

The video, filmed in Tripoli, northern Lebanon, shows a very long line of cars extending from the Makkieh gas station in the city.

“Today, Friday the 25th, you will see the longest gasoline queue in all of Lebanon,” the man filming the video says in its beginning.

He then directs the camera to the first few cars in the line before getting on his motorcycle and driving alongside it, filming it as he does.

The queue goes on for a little over a minute in the sped-up video of him driving along the dozens of parked cars.

After finally reaching the gas station, the man continues forward and reveals another, fairly long part of the line, extending backward from the opposite side of the gas stations.

Car queues have gotten out of hand in Lebanon in recent weeks, evolving to new lengths and involving people sleeping in their cars overnight so that they wouldn’t lose their progress in a queue.

One of these lines recently caused a horrific car crash that killed 6 people, including a mother and her 4 children.

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