Here’s How MP Walid Al-Baarini Supporters Celebrated His Reelection In Akkar (Video)


A video was spread on social media of a man throwing money at the reelected MP Walid Al-Baarini, during a celebration in his home.

Walid Al-Baarini ran in the parliamentary elections despite the boycott of his party Future Movement and its leader Saad Hariri. He won a Sunni seat in the parliament for the first district of the North (Akkar).

The video was recorded on May 16th, when Al-Baarini opened his house to receive congratulations on his victory, as part of local customs. A controversial custom among these is the throwing of cash at the celebrated person to wish him wealth in his “new journey.”

That’s what a man is seen doing in the video:

The scene incited a wave of criticism in light of the stifling economic crisis that the Lebanese people are suffering from, especially in the impoverished region of Akkar.

Similar to Tripoli, Akkar is known to be largely neglected by its deputies who tend to remember their people only during elections.

Al-Baarini was reelected to represent Akkar, despite previous anger by the locals towards him, accusing him of allegedly being involved with fuel smugglers.

Back in August 2021, a major tragedy occurred in Akkar when a fuel tanker exploded, killing dozens of people. The locals reacted in extreme anger, demanding the resignation of the Akkar deputies in the parliament, including Al-Baarini who is close to the owner of the land, both alleged to be partners in smuggling operations to Syria.  

On May 15th, 2022, Al-Baarini was reelected.

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