The 9 Weirdest And Funniest Lebanese Expressions!

Lebanese is pretty unique! Apart from mixing 3 languages, Lebanese people also tend to use expressions that are funny… and sometimes weird. Here’s our version of the Urban Dictionary!

#1 Rou7 ballit el ba7er

Literal translation: go tile the sea.

Meaning: get lost!

#2 El ered bi 3ein emmo ghazel

Literal translation: the monkey is a deer in his mother’s eyes.

Meaning: mothers will always see their children perfect.

#3 Baselto/Baselta ma7rou2a

Literal translation: his/her onion is burned.

Meaning: he/she is impatient.

#4 El tekrar bi 3allim l hmar

Literal translation: repetition teaches a donkey.

Meaning: practice makes perfect.

#5 Tanjra w le2it ghataha

Literal translation: a pot found its cover.

Meaning: said of two people who click.

#6 Atal l atil w meshe bi jnezto

Literal translation: he/she killed the victim and walked in his/her funeral.

Meaning: said of a person who causes the damage then acts innocent.

#7 Ade l wled chana2 7alo

Literal translation: the kids’ judge hung himself.

Meaning: usually said when people are trying to figure out why children are fighting. In other words, it’s hard to understand why children fight.

#8 El 3ein basira wel id asira

Literal translation: the eye can see but the hand is short.

Meaning: sometimes we have a vision but we do not have the capacity to achieve our goal.

#9 Fi baynetna khebez w mele7

Literal translation: there’s bread and salt between us.

Meaning: said of two people that are close to each other.