Meet The Young Lebanese Woman Behind The Popular Daisy’s Jars

Daisy's Jars | @raniahabbouchi

Today’s economy isn’t very supportive of new small businesses, but this Lebanese girl defeated the odds when she created her homemade business that turned into a success!

Who doesn’t love chocolate? If you’re a true Lebanese chocolate lover you will definitely be familiar with Daisy’s Jars!

Fans are familiar with the cheesecake jars in Lotus, strawberry, blueberry, and Oreo flavors, the Oreo bites, the chocolate covered dates filled with Maltesers, and more!

Originating from Tripoli, Daisy’s Jars turned 3 this year, and the jars are now available in Amioun, Zgharta, Jbeil, and more.

Meet ‘Daisy’ Behind the Jars

The young woman behind the jars is Rania Habbouchi from Tripoli, Lebanon. She is an interior architecture graduate at ALBA – Balamand and has always had a love for creation. 

Having been nicknamed Daisy by her friends, Rania started Daisy’s Jars when her uncle wanted to add desserts to his restaurant, Chickee. 

“I had no idea what I was doing,” she told The961, “but I had a good feeling about it and the vision was clear in my mind.”

“It was challenging,” she recalled. “A lot of people tried to interfere, especially since I was starting at 19 with no business experience. But my parents were so supportive of everything I was doing.”

Public Response

The jars received more attention than she expected, and she had costumers coming to the restaurant specifically for her jars (sorry Khalo)!

Participating in one festival to another, and pitching her product to local supermarkets, Daisy’s jars became a hit!

Who could keep their hands off these delicious goodies? 

The best part is that these are glass jars, which means you can re-use them. Lebanese moms will be placing their spices in them, but here’s another idea:

Daisy has also got your back on all your special occasions. You can purchase themed jars for any occasion: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, etc. You can even have a customized cake made for your special day!

Starting from her home in Mitein Street, Tripoli, Rania’s business expanded and now you can find Daisy’s Jars at several cafes and supermarkets in Lebanon— if they aren’t already sold out!

Her jars have even traveled with Lebanese people around the world.

Reflecting on her takeaway from this experience, she said: “Always believe in your vision and do what you love because eventually, you will create something out of that love!”

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