Your Guide to Lebanon Independence Day’s Events by the People of the Revolution

In Lebanon, we are used to looking forward to big celebrations and military parade shows on November 22 of every year since Lebanon Independence in 1943. However, there is nothing usual about these days, including how our Independence will be celebrated. 


The past 35 days of the revolution in Lebanon and the intensity of the national situation are the reasons for the alternated plans of the official authorities for Lebanon’s 76th anniversary of its Independence.

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The annual roadblocks in various areas in Beirut, the big parades, the fireworks, and the presidential reception in the Baabda Palace to receive congratulations on the occasion will be all absent this year. This is what is coming in place of all of that, and it is promising to be a happy day for the majority of the nation.


#1 A symbolic military parade

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A symbolic military parade will be held this Friday at Nadim al-Hakim Avenue in the Ministry of Defense in Yarzeh, headed by President Michel Aoun.

The parade will be also attended by President of Parliament Nabih Berri, caretaker premier Saad Hariri, Minister of National Defense Elias Bou Saab, and Minister of Interior and Municipalities Raya Hassan.


#2 Celebratory crowd gatherings

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There will be various across Lebanon, notably a celebratory gathering at 3:30 pm in Tripoli, at the roundabout of Al-Nini Hospital, under the theme: We Want a Real Independence.


#3 Discussions

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Scheduled for 3:30 pm at Aazarieh Parking Lot in Beirut, this discussion is under the theme We Are Independent from….

People will gather to answer a specific question: “How has your view on independence changed after 17 October?”


#4 The people’s parade

A parade by the people will be held at 12:00 pm in the Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut, under the theme: All of Us Means All of Us.  The event will extend into the evening with the legendary Rodge Mix DJ performing.


#5 An Independence Day Concert

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At 5:00 pm in Al Aalam Square in Tyre, revolutionary singer Ahmad Kaabour is invited to perform national and revolution songs.


#6 Various Civil Marches

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People’s civil marches will take place as follows:

  • 2:00 pm from Saida to the Revolution Square in downtown Beirut, under the theme: The People’s Independence.
  • 12: pm in Rashaya, from Souk Rashaya to the Citadel of Independence
  • 3:00 pm in Tripoli, from Central Mina to El Nour Square, under the theme: Together for a New Lebanon.
  • 9:00 pm in Jal el Dib to Martyr’s Square in central Beirut. The dress code is white clothes and at least one Lebanese flag on you.
  • The March of the Expatriates from Beirut International Airport at 5 pm from Gate 1 to Martyrs’ Square in downtown Beirut, under the theme: Giving Independence a New Meaning. Meet up at 4 pm at Gate 1.

#7 Honoring the Lebanese flag


Protesters in the South will gather at the Revolution Square in Sidon at 3:00 pm to form a huge Lebanese Flag.


#8 A Celebratory Lebanese Breakfast


A big Lebanese Breakfast in the Revolution Square of Sidon at 9:30 am! People are invited to bring their own food and their kids because there will be entertaining family activities.


#9 Cultural independence

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At 12:30 pm, there will be a gathering in front of Beit Beirut museum, Sodeco intersection, for a Lebanese culture independent from all forms of corruption and oppression.


#10 Artistic celebrations in various locations


  • 3:00 pm at El-Hirak Square in Nabatieh, a painting exhibition about the Revolution under the theme: Our Independence.
  • 5 pm in front of Al-Azarieh Church in downtown Beirut, an exhibition of Powerful Images that Made up the Revolution.
  • 8:30 pm, in Riad El-Solh in central Beirut between the cathedral and the Azarieh building, a group of Lebanese students will give a singing performance.

#11 Meditation Gatherings for a Better Lebanon

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  • The Spot Saida Mall, Sidon at 6:30 pm, 15 minutes of silence.
  • Martyr’s Square, Beirut at 6:45 pm, 15 minutes of silence.
  • Rashid Karami, Tripoli at 7:00 pm, under the theme: Meditating for Peace. A call has been trending for all to unite across Lebanon at that time with the power of intention for 15 minutes.

#12 Diaspora Celebrations

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There will be numerous across the diaspora abroad, among which:

  • In Rome, at the Piazza Del Popolo at 5:00 pm, under the theme: Hand in Hand for a New Independence.
  • In Paris, France, Paris, at 7:00 pm, the exact location is yet to be announced. 

#13 A Green Independence

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Qannoubine Sports Club and the Cedars Forest Committee are organizing an environmental day to celebrate Independence day. Meet up is at 9:00 am in front of the Environmental House in Arz, in the North.


#14 A Bicycle Independence Parade

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A gathering for all revolutionaries bicycle riders at Martyr’s Square in downtown Beirut at 2 pm for a special parade.


#15 Food lovers


At 5 pm at Matbakh El-Balad in Martyr’s Square, downtown Beirut, several Lebanese chefs will bring their celebratory cakes created under the theme of the Lebanese flag!


It is certain that Lebanon’s Independence Day this year is awesomely different and unique, with the participation and organization of the people for the people and their nation. 

This year, Lebanon’s Independence Day will be truly felt by those for whom it was initially obtained with major sacrifices. Once again, the people of the Lebanese Revolution claim what’s theirs, and peacefully.

Get in the spirit for Friday 22 November with this great video:

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Your Guide to Lebanon Independence Day's Events by the People of the Revolution

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