12 Restaurants Away From Beirut You And Your Friends Should Try This Summer

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From north to south, Lebanon boasts many places where people can have fun, enjoy a nice day in nature, and taste delicious Lebanese or international food.

Even though Beirut is the main destination to live, work, and have fun, many places outside the Lebanese capital offer an amazing getaway from the busyness of the city.

Here are stunning restaurants away from Beirut that will give you a nice escape for few hours!

Azawardi – Laklouk

Azawardi in Laklouk offers a wide range of activities for those who want to visit the village of Laklouk.

The place also serves as a great day or night getaway. You can sleep in their chalets and bungalows, as well as eat at their gorgeous restaurant.

For more info, contact 76 888 868.

Le Montagnou – Oyoun El Simane

Situated in Kesserwan, Le Montagnou offers stunning chalets and restaurant destinations, as well as splendid scenery all the way to the Mediterranean sea.

For more info, contact 03 341 441.

Keif Jezzine – Jezzine

Keif Jezzine is a gorgeous family-run agricultural domain in the stunning village of Jezzine where you can immerse in nature.

The place also hosts a table d’hôte every Saturday and Sunday and serves homemade dishes made with fresh ingredients from a local garden and market.

For inquiries, you can check Keif Jezzine’s Instagram page.

Le Châtel – Cedars of God

Nestled in the Cedars of God area, Le Chatel is a fascinating restaurant and wedding venue with a breathtaking panoramic view of the Qadisha valley and surrounding villages.

Contact 71 555 829 for more info.

The Terrace Restaurant & Bar Lounge – Harissa

The Terrace Restaurant & Bar Lounge in Harissa will seduce you with breathtaking sunset or night views, its ambiance, signature drinks, and delicious meals.

For inquiries, contact 70 934 400.

Layali Al Qamar – West Bekaa

Located in the heart of the Bekaa Valley, Layali Al Qamar is a restaurant offering Lebanese food to try for a nice family getaway in the countryside.

For more info, contact 03 606 975.

Nippon Sushi & Grill – Tabarja

If you are a sushi fan and want to have a good trip from Beirut, you can visit the Nippon Sushi & Grill near Casino du Liban in Tabarja where you can enjoy a wonderful view and their rooftop terrace during summer.

Contact 03 417 999 for more info.

Restaurant Tallet Nasr – Bikfaya

Take a 40-minute drive from Beirut and enjoy Restaurant Tallet Nasr in the Naass region. It is worth the trip to enjoy their locally sourced menu filled with Mount Lebanon dishes, a nice glass of Lebanese or French wine, and a stunning view from its terrace.

For more details, contact 04 983 549 or 71 690 404.

Le Télégraphe de Belle-Vue – Bhamdoun

Le Télégraphe De Belle-Vue will give you and your loved one(s) the chance to refresh in the mountain while having a nice dining experience and exquisite wine in an enchanting setting,

For more information, contact 05 260 073.

Sama Arze – Fatqa

Located in Kesserwan District, Sama Arze is a Lebanese restaurant serving delicious Lebanese food with a modern twist and offering a lovely scenery over the surrounding towns/villages.

For more inquiries, contact 81 600 035.

Farideh – Ajaltoun

Farideh is a restaurant and a guesthouse created in the memory of the 200-years-old home of their teta (grandmother). It is a most charming spot where you and your family/friends can enjoy a great time around a delicious meal in a lovely atmosphere.

Contact 71 835 511 for more details.

Beyt El Jabal – Deir el Qamar

You can go on a road trip to visit the stunning village of Deir El Qamar, south-east Beirut, and enjoy the Beyt El Jabal, a gorgeous guesthouse and restaurant for a relaxing stay and a view over the scenic Shouf mountains.

For inquiries, contact 71 160 767.

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