An Accelerated Law Was Just Proposed To Protect The Wheat Silos Of Beirut Port

Rami Rizk

On Friday, the Kataeb parliamentary bloc submitted a proposal for an accelerated law to protect the wheat silos at the Beirut port and to designate it as a national monument in memory of the victims of the Beirut Blast.

The law proposal cited “that the Council of Ministers sets the implementing decrees for this within 6 months from the issuance of this law.”

The proposed law also called for the pertinent authorities to be assigned to carry out the emergency works necessary to protect the building in order to preserve public safety, until the completion of the studies related to its maintenance.

Last April, the Lebanese cabinet approved the demolition of the silos. As per the Information Minister, Ziad Makari, a technical report stated that the silos were likely to collapse in the upcoming months, adding that it was too expensive to repair them.

In response, MPs Georges Okais and Imad Wakim of the Lebanese Forces (LF) Party also proposed an expedited law back then to prevent its demolition due to concerns that the demolition will slow down the investigation.

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