Syrian Boats Are Reportedly Smuggling People From North Lebanon

Daily Beirut

There are security coverages of influential people working to smuggle people from Lebanon, as no boat can leave the sea in the north undetected by the radars deployed in Al-Arida, Qleiaat, Terbol, Al-Mina, and others.

According to sources of Nidaa Al-Watan, the recent boat heading to Europe that was stopped by the Turkish authorities was part of these smuggling operations conducted by Lebanese-Syrian networks.

The boat came from inside the Syrian territory to the Al-Arida area in Akkar, Lebanon, at 2 am on August 3rd. It picked up about 100 people of Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian nationalities with their belongings and supplies, and then sailed towards Tartous, Syria, and from there to the borders of Europe.

This boat almost sank and was rescued by the navy of a European country.

Nidaa Al-Watan claimed that “there is a partnership between Syrian and Lebanese people” ensuring that these boats of illegal emigration cross the sea from Lebanon to Syria.

This network of human smuggling is reportedly charging $7,000 per passenger, with each boat carrying between 70 to 100 people.

In order to afford the cost of the trip, according to the local news, these people seeking to escape the crises in Lebanon sell their belongings, whether their “house furniture, a car or gold.”

The smuggling operations are taking place after midnight, and some provide protection for these boats, just as there are those who drive them and those who secure travel customers.

The northern places or points from which these trips usually depart are Minieh, Port Tabou, Saqiy Al Beddawi, Al Mina, Al Abda, Al Arida, Sheikh Znad, Port of Tripoli, Deir Al Natour, and Anfeh.

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