Bread Is Being Sold On The Black Market In South Lebanon

LA Times

On Wednesday, June 22nd, reports claimed that bread was being sold for LBP 25,000 on the black market in Nabatieh, South Lebanon.

Locals in Naabtieh were enraged when they woke up to the news of bread being unavailable at bakeries due to the lack of flour. They were further shocked when they found out that bread was being sold on the black market.

According to reports, bread on the black market saw a 66% increase in price in Nabatieh, which led to many citizens heading to the nearby cities of Saida and Khalde to buy bread for their families.

Similarly in North Lebanon, locals reported that some individuals are buying bread bundles and reselling them for a higher price on the black market.

Lately, officials have warned that bakeries are running out of flour in Lebanon, however, the Ministry of Economy ignored such outcries and claimed that Lebanon has enough supply of flour for weeks to come.

Amidst this back and forth between the ministry and other officials, Lebanese people find themselves struggling to acquire one of their basic rights.

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