Bread Prices In Lebanon Reached 30,000 LBP In The Black Market As Shortage Continues

@chadifaraj | NNA

The state-run National News Agency reported that the stores in Lebanon received small quantities of bread from bakeries as the country is now running out of flour reserves, with the bread prices reaching 30,000 LBP.

The off-again, on-again crisis also affected the prices of gasoline, as Lebanon is witnessing the return of long queues at gas stations.

“We live in a country of crisis, from bread to gasoline, medicine, wheat, and flour,” commented Hussein Wehbe Mogharbel, president of the National Federation of Worker and Employee Trade Unions, pointing out that no one in interested “to hear the cries of the disadvantaged, the poor, and the destitute.”

He urged the authorities to protect the food security of the Lebanese people and “deter those who are threatening the citizens’ livelihood.”

“Some merchants and station owners are getting rich at the expense of the poor,” Mogharbel charged.

He added that employees and teachers cannot go to work anymore, as their salaries are now equivalent to the price of two gasoline cans.

Just two days after the elections concluded, the Lebanese lira dropped and started trading at 31,200 LBP.

Last week, financial experts raised concerns regarding the free-fall of the currency, adding that the “uncontrolled” surge might cause nationwide protests if necessary reforms are not initiated by the Lebanese authorities.

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