These 5 Breakfast Foods Scream Lebanese Family Sunday Morning!

Everyone in the world knows what Sunday morning means for families. Sunday Funday is basically a family day, especially in Lebanon.

It’s the day the whole family wakes up, has breakfast together, and goes about their Sunday rituals, whether its church, outings, visits, or just lounging together at home.

However, Sunday breakfast is the meal that brings everyone together from the moment everyone wakes up.

And these five breakfast foods scream Lebanese family household on a Sunday morning!

#1 Man’oushe

Is this even a Lebanese breakfast list if the man’oushe isn’t mentioned first and foremost? The fluffy and warm bread with Zaatar spread, and with whatever ingredients you choose to add on it, makes you forget the carbo loading calories!

This is has been a basic breakfast food since forever, and will always be a go-to on the breakfast table.

#2 Foul and Hummus

Vegans everywhere are shaking. This wholesome and rich food is super healthy and extremely fulfilling. Usually, on the side, an array of vegetables, such as diced tomatoes, cucumbers, finely chopped parsley, and pickles are up for choosing.

According to most people, these healthy superfoods can keep you full and energetic for multiple hours throughout the day.

#3 Cheese

Cheese? Yes PLEASE! However, when I say cheese I’m not being basic, like mozzarella, parmesan, and gouda. I’m talking about our creamy Labneh, our pickled cheese of Shanklish, our String cheese, our Halloum, and yes Feta Cheese (we love our Greek fellows).

The diversity of cheeses on our family breakfast table is an absolute must. The way middle eastern people eat their cheeses is uncountable.

Depending on the cheese you go for, you can grill it, make it into a dip, put in a salad, or just the traditional way with pita bread and fresh vegetables.

#4 Liver Tartar

Are you really your father’s daughter if you’re not having liver tartar with him on a Sunday morning? To all our foreign readers, this is a completely normal traditional dish of ours!

This dish is for the strong hearted and if you’re hardcore tartar meat fanatic, you’ll definitely enjoy it and ask for more. Just make sure it’s fresh, and you are enjoying it with vegetables and Lebanese bread, and you’re good to go!

#5 Knefeh

The best for last! The cherry on top of Lebanese cuisine! Knefeh with cheese is a breakfast/dessert and its perfect for a happy Sunday morning with the family.

The taste will remind you why you should be proud of your Lebanese cuisine. Drizzle that tempting Knefeh with sugar syrup and your sweet tooth will be satisfied for the rest of the day.

We so love our Sunday morning family gathering, and we equally love that meal of the day! That said, if you are a visitor in town, find a way to get invited to one of ours. Don’t shy away and don’t refuse any.

You’ll be always welcome in a Lebanese family meal gathering. That’s who we are!

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