13 Delicious Breakfast Places In Beirut You Shouldn’t Skip

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Nothing can beat a delicious healthy meal to kick off a new day with good energy.

And while the Manoush Zaatar and the Knefe Bil Kaak top the list of favorite breakfasts for the Lebanese, at least traditionally, there are restaurants going more creative nowadays, and deliciously so, in serving breakfast in the country.

So, whether you are visiting Beirut or are just an early bird residing in the capital, here are some of these places serving mouthwatering breakfasts.

#1 The Barn

This place must be one of Millennials’ favorite breakfast spots for healthy cravings. Not only does the Barn serve tasty food – from oatmeals to eggs on toast – but the presentation is so aesthetically pleasing that you cannot resist taking pictures.

The place is located in Gemmayzeh and its Peanut Butter Toast is a must-try.

#2 Zaatar W Zeit

Zaatar W Zeit is perhaps one of the most iconic Lebanese restaurants. Whenever someone is hungry, the first option that comes to mind is Zaatar w Zeit.

Not only do they serve delicious wraps but their breakfast options (including eggs, manakeesh, and halloumi in the pan) are amazing.

Zaatar w Zeit has multiple locations across Beirut such as Ashrafieh and Hamra.

#3 L’ AVO

If you’re a fan of avocadoes then, obviously, you must try L’Avo in Ashrafieh. Almost every single dish is served with avocadoes, literally. If you fancy an “avocado-licious” breakfast then you must try their special “Avo Egg” and “Avo Jam”.

#4 Paul Bakery

A classic French bakery located in multiple areas around Beirut, Paul Bakery has an appetizing breakfast menu that never disappoints. Their almond and chocolate croissants served with orange juice are simply amazing.

#5 Lily’s

“Lily’s” is a charming place in the heart of downtown Beirut worth seeking for a summer breakfast with its outdoor seating and delicious bakery selection, pancakes, and even poached eggs.

#6 The Sage Parlour

Known for being an “all-day breakfast parlor”, The Sage is located in Ashrafieh and has some of the healthiest and delicious options around town.

The Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowl, for example, is definitely recommended, as well as its TSP’s Baked Apple Pancakes.

#7 El Soussi Restaurant

If you’re craving a traditional Lebanese breakfast, then you should visit El Soussi in Aicha Bakkar.

From fresh Labneh served with a side of vegetables to hot Manakish, it is impossible to resist their menu!

#8 Al Mouajjanati

If you’re around Hamra then you must give this place a try; its Cheese Manoushe and Cinnamon Roll will make you start the day in a good mood.

#9 BarTartine

Loved by almost everyone, BarTartine has several outlets across Beirut such as in Zaitunay Bay, Ashrafieh, and Verdun.

The place was made for serving flavorful breakfasts. From pastries and viennoiseries to savory dishes, you definitely need to try them all, especially their pancakes.

#10 Kalei Coffee Co.

If you’re a calm morning person who’d like to sip coffee and read a book, then you should definitely check out Kalei Coffee Co. in Hamra.

The place serves a variety of breakfast dishes such as its special “Shakshouka Pan with Sourdough” or its famous “Kalei Breakfast Picnic.”

#11 Sip Beirut

For all the coffee and carrot cake lovers out there, you should definitely check out Sip, a cute place located in Gemmayzeh. It has so many breakfast options. some with names that will make you smile, like “What My Ex Eats” which is a cool option if you have a sweet tooth.

#12 The Beazbee

If you’re looking to take your loved one on a breakfast date, consider this cozy place in Clemenceau. In addition to their various tempting morning meals, like the Salmon Eggs Benedict, The Beazbee serves delicious waffles known to be among the best in town.

#13 Deli.Co

Deli.co is among the best in town at serving fresh and flavorful bagels. With many outlets across Beirut, Deli.co has some cool vibes to share breakfast with friends. Plus, their healthy bowls and pancakes are definitely worth a try.

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