Byblos Bike Sharing System Has Launched!

We wrote about Lebanon’s first bike sharing system launching in Beirut back in January.


Now, the Byblos bike sharing system has finally launched this week! The Byblos municipality doesn’t carry any burden for this project and its financed by Bike 4 All and the IBL Bank. There is also a plan to set up a bike lane that will cover about 50,000 m


in Byblos but there are no details as to where exactly it will be located and how long it will be. The Beirut bike sharing system is aimed towards helping university students get to and from classes without the need to drive their cars, deal with traffic and deal with the hassle of parking. But it seems that the one in Byblos is more focused the environmental aspect as well as the promotion of tourism in the city. They did mention that the pricing of the Beirut system will cater to students and be budget friendly. However, there are no details about the pricing of the Byblos one but we can assume it will be the same if not just a little pricier (because of tourists).