Check Out Where Lebanese People Are Mostly Found Vacationing in the World

Summer 2019 is almost over, and all the Lebanese will start coming back from their glamorous vacations overseas. Not that we lack entertainment and summer hot spots in Lebanon but because we Lebanese love vacationing also abroad, and we always feel needing a vacation…. from our vacation. Right!  And here are some of the top hot spots where you will find our people vacationing: 


#1 Cannes, France

Via The Telegraph

I had to put this number one because, as I take a break from writing and scroll through my Instagram feed, all I can see are posts of people enjoying their time and frolicking on the beach in the South of France!

Cannes has always been a hotspot for everyone looking for a luxurious and relaxing vacation. And us Lebanese vacationers we deem the South of France a perfect place to lay back and relax while dipping our toes into the beautiful white sands, and competing with the locals on who speak better French; them or us. (Guess who always claim to win?)


#2 Bali, Indonesia

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Yes, you see us as far as Bali, whether vacationing in summer season or honeymooning. See, Bali has multiple resorts that mesmerize Lebanese newlyweds  to begin their happily ever after in luxurious resorts… by the jungle. Think about it; it’s the ideal place to disconnect from your world, whether to honeymoon or to vacation in peace. Then, there is the wildlife all around; question to feel not so … disconnected?


#3 Turkey

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Turkey has always been a quick and easy trip for Lebanese people, considering it doesn’t require a visa. Istanbul is usually a winter location, whereas the cities of Antalya, Marmaris, and Bodrum have always been a summer favorite. Lebanese deem them great vacation spots to enjoy with their family.


#4 Mykonos, Greece

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You can find me there, posing next to the blue and white houses! Mykonos is a summer favorite of Lebanese people as well. Get this: While we don’t speak the same language, they tend to call us their “cousins”. Don’t ask me why. Greek people just love us, and we love them and their food and their parties and their friendliness; all the package!  

Let’s put it at the account of our Mediterranean bond or maybe because of Kadmus who was said to have built their coastal cities and got them to unite all their islands’ different linguistic under one alphabet: the Phoenician. It doesn’t matter really; love is there, it’s mutual, and Mykonos is one of our destinations for family vacations.


#5 Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Via Itaka

Sharm El-Sheikh has been a hot destination for Lebanese people in recent years; as hot that many among us don’t wait for summer and start vacationing there in spring. However, Sharm El-Sheikh’s summers still see us coming and crowding its resorts and beaches. Here is the secret: It’s such an easy trip from Lebanon, we enjoy its water activities.


#6 Amalfi, Italy

Via Unusual Places

The Italian Dream of the Lebanese people! At least so many of us. We deem the Italian coast as one of the most beautiful destinations for vacations and you are guaranteed to always bump into vacationers speaking Lebanese at every turn.

Let’s admit it. The coast has all the reasons as to why Italy is a dreamy place. Everyone’s pictures look something out of a Dolce & Gabbana Advertisement and our people can’t help it but add to the livelihood around with their fun and infectious spirits; so evident in social media posts and selfies!


Now, let’s make it clear; these are not the only places you can see many of us on vacation. That’s just the tip of the ice!

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