This Video of a Cow Protesting in Front of a Bank in Lebanon is Going Viral

In a video going viral on social media, a cow is shown to be mooing at a Fransabank in Tripoli, Lebanon. The cow, casually standing near a highway in the middle of the city, looks as in despair at the bank, mooing at Fransabank in what seems to be a cry of anger.

“The cow is shouting at them, it wants its money back,” the man taking the video jokes and adds: “They mustn’t have given it its salary yet, the cow is demanding to take its money back. It is clearly demanding its rights.”

A voice of a child is heard innocently asking if the cow is sick, to which the man taking the video denied and insisted that it is only demanding money.

Despite the elephant in the room, the man taking the video did not seem to wonder why a cow appeared to be in the middle of the day in Tripoli looking directly at the bank and mooing, or whether it travels all this way alone or with a friend (a human owner, maybe?).

The 27 seconds long hilarious video has been shared throughout Facebook, and the Lebanese did not disappoint with their humorous responses. 

One Facebook user commented in reference to banks’ archaic laws: “The cow wanted someone to milk it and it knew that banks are the best places for this job.” Another Facebook user added; “they must have given it Lebanese Pounds and it is demanding dollars.”

A Facebook user also commented: “There is no money! Come back later, if not Monday, come Thursday.” This is a very common joke among the Lebanese people referencing lotto tickets and results that are only announced either on Mondays or Thursdays.

Other comments carried in more depth and sarcasm, as one of the users wrote and mentioned her friend: “The cow is demanding its rights and we are still at home doing nothing!”

It is still unknown whether the cow was asking for some fodder or just yelling at the bank because it seems like the right thing to do these days, but it sure brought tears of laughter to many Lebanese people in need of a little humor these days!

Watch the video of the cow below:

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