European Parliament Keeping Up with the Lebanese Revolution

On  November 14, 2019, members of the European Union convened in the European Parliament in Brussels. This Symposium included MPs from different European countries and political parties as well as Lebanese jurists and journalists.


Lebanon’s Revolution has sparked the interest of many worldwide. There were efforts done by Lebanese businessman Omar Harfouch who launched a petition by the Lebanese public to the European Parliament, asking that the looted Lebanese public funds be frozen in European banks.

Omar Harfouch spoke in the Parliament briefly about various points, including the need to freeze the looted Lebanese public funds outside Lebanon. He also relayed all the demands of the Lebanese revolution to the parliament, which was attended by a representative of the Middle East department from the European Union.

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Some recommendations by the European Parliament were:

  • The importance of building the Third Republic of Lebanon on a national, non-sectarian basis, far from the political sectarianism, which is the root of all its problems.
  • Amend the constitution to allow equality among all Lebanese citizens and in the exercise of public function.
  • Amendment for all the Lebanese people to elect their President, after holding Parliamentary elections without sectarian constraints. In addition to that, forming a technocrat government, one with experienced, impartial, and competent people.
  • The importance of appointing an independent judge with full powers by the Supreme Judicial Council to deal with the corruption, as well as imposing taxes on the wealthy in proportion to their deposited money in banks and real estate.
  • Working on returning looted funds both inside and outside Lebanon in addition to demanding the cancellation of Lebanon’s Foreign debts.
  • Finally, the need for Lebanon to rebuild electricity infrastructure, and support public schools and the Lebanese University. 

A committee was announced by the European Parliament to investigate the donated money to Lebanon and prosecute those who spent it illegally.

Via EUobserver


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