Here’s Everything You Need To Know If You Are Voting In Lebanon Tod

Lebanon Elections Explained

Less than 24 hours separate the Lebanese people from the much-awaited Lebanon elections 2022 that will decide the country’s fate and the future of millions of Lebanese.

This parliamentary election differs from previous ones in that it is no longer just a matter of politics. It is about bringing to power competent and ethical parliamentarians that could save the country from the multiple crises generated by decades of neglect, corruption, and misgovernance.

In that, it could mark a turning point in Lebanon’s history.

The votes of the people will determine whether Lebanon will change its direction for the better or continue in its disastrous status quo. Now is the time for the people themselves to decide on their country’s situation and fate. Hence, all are urged to vote and make their ballot count.

Here is everything you need to know for the voting day:

Voters will head to the polls on Sunday to cast a ballot for the 128 members of the parliament to represent the country for the next four years.

Polling stations open at 7 am and close at 7 pm across Lebanon. People arriving after 7 pm will be turned away.

However, polling may extend in individual centers if there are long queues still waiting inside to cast a ballot, as shared by Cendrella Azar, media and communication coordinator at the Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE).


  • A face mask is required to enter the polling center. Failure to wear one may forbid you access and impede you to vote.
  • Proof of Lebanese Identity is required. You will be asked for your ID or a valid passport.
  • Take with you a blue pen.
  • Representatives of political parties and candidates are not allowed by law to communicate with the voters or influence them in any way.

The voting process

1- Upon arriving inside the polling station, go to the head officer to present your Lebanese ID or a valid passport.

2- You wait for the head officer to check your documents and for the Registry Authority to make sure that your name is on the registered list.

3- You receive the official ballot paper from the head office with an envelope under the official seal.

4- Take the ballot behind the voting screen where you can vote secretly.

5- Tick or mark with an X the electoral list you want to vote for.

6- Tick or mark with an X your preferred candidate in that same electoral list. You can only tick one candidate for your preferential vote.

7- Put your ballot paper in the envelope, seal it, and go to the ballot box.

8- Insert the envelope into the ballot box.

9- You will be then asked to sign or fingerprint next to your name.

10- Next, as a final step, you will be asked to lightly press your finger in the blue ink as an indication that you have voted.

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