An Explosive Went Off At LBCI TV Station (Video)

An explosive was thrown at LBCI TV station Sunday night by unknown assailants who fled the scene.

The explosive went off at the perimeter of the station causing no harm aside from material damage to equipment and vehicles.

In the below video, you can see hear the bomb go off and the visible shock on the anchorman’s face.

A few days ago, LBCI launched a new comedic series by Mohammad Dayekh and Hussein Kawook that received backlash from fundamental groups accusing it of making fun of Shias.

The first episode showed a Shia teacher teaching students the “Shia conversational language” playing on stereotypes.

A show directed and scripted by Lebanese Shias like this is the first of its kind to be aired on mainstream TV in Lebanon. It received plenty of praise as the video went viral but also backlash by those who misunderstood it.

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