Ziad Rahbani tells how he convinced Fairouz to sing Kifak Enta

We all love the famous song of Fairouz titled “Kifak Enta.” However, it received a lot of criticism when it got released since the style of the song was different. In an interview, Ziad Rahbani told the Egyptian host Mona El Shazly how he convinced Fairouz to sing “Kifak Enta.” Apparently, she listened to the song for the first time in her house in Raouche. After she was done, she asked Ziad: “What are we going to do with this?” To which he replied: “We are going to sing it!” Apparently, she was not impressed with the lyrics. Four years later, she finally recorded the song. Some people liked “Kifak Enta,” while others didn’t. Ziad Rahbani said that despite the criticism, the record was sold a lot. The Lebanese audience needs a new collaboration between Fairouz and Ziad!