First Grain Ship Just Took Off From Turkey To Lebanon

Tripoli Port Just Received The Largest Ship In Its History (Video)

Last Tuesday during the Parliament’s session, Lebanon approved a $150 million world bank loan, in order to ease the wheat crisis in Lebanon and its people,

A day after, Ahmad Hoteit, head of the millers’ syndicate, promised that “within 10 days, the bread market will almost return to its normal state”.

On Monday, August 1st, the Turkish ministry of defense announced that the first Ukrainian shipment of grain left the Ukrainian port of Odesa at 6,17 GMT, according to an international agreement concluded with Russia in Istambul.

The ministry clarified that “Razzoni left Odesa’s port towards the port of Tripoli, and is expected to arrive to Istambul on August 2nd, then will continue its way after inspections will take place in Istanbul”.

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