Even Backup Generators Won’t Be Enough To Prevent Total Blackouts Across Lebanon

France 24 | Forbes

As Lebanon braces itself for total darkness in a looming electricity crisis, worse news comes to head.

Speaking to MTV Lebanon, the head of the Association of Generator Owners, Abdo Saadeh, said that generators cannot cover power cuts for 24 hours. “We currently cover between 18 and 20 hours,” he added.

People in Lebanon rely on backup generators to make up for the regular state electricity cuts, which will now inevitably increase. For certain health reasons, some people cannot afford to be cut from electricity for a single minute.

Now, if Lebanon reaches a point where it is no longer able to supply power, people may have to endure hours without state electricity nor backup generators.

After the Turkish ships were forced to cut electricity supply to Lebanon, the total production capacity available on Lebanon’s electrical grid went down by around 240 megawatts.

Electricité du Liban (EDL) is now taking measures in response to the loss of electricity supply. But it will only last for so long.

EDL stated that it will try to maintain the electricity supply for the longest time possible as it awaits an advance payment of 300 billion Lebanese pounds to purchase fuel.