Say Goodbye To The First Brewery In Lebanon And Middle East!

The first brewery in Lebanon and one of the oldest breweries in the Middle East opened its doors in Beirut in the thirties. It is located near Mar Mikhael.Also,

La Grande Brasserie du Levant

 is known for producing Laziza which is a local beer. The brewery stopped production in 1995 and it officially closed down in 2003. After decades of being inactive, the brewery is getting replaced by a 13,500 square meters residential and commercial complex called Mar Mikhael Village. In fact, this project is getting implemented by the famous Lebanese architect Bernard Khoury. Mar Mikhael Village will contain apartments, villas, and commercial areas. Luxurious buildings give a great aesthetic dimension to Beirut. However, they are often replacing landmarks which constitute an important part of Lebanon. Mar Mikhael is known for being a residential area in Beirut. This region is famous for its authenticity. Mar Mikhael is also an interesting place: it is full of

street art

, pubs where you can watch local bands playing cool jams, unique cafes, and a vibrant nightlife.

Let’s not lose hope

A lot of heritage sites are getting demolished in Lebanon. While the government is doing nothing about this issue, a concerned citizen and a lover of the arts decided to take this matter into its own hands. Istanbouli is a young Lebanese-Palestinian actor and director started an initiative which consists of

reopening old movie theaters

. So he renovated two cinemas in Tyre and one cinema in Nabatieh. His projects are receiving financial support from the Ministry of Culture in Lebanon, a Dutch NGO, and the United Nations Force in Lebanon. Also, the Ministry of Culture in Lebanon announced that it will invest 

$180 million USD to revive the culture and arts.

In fact, the 5-year-plan aims at renovating historical and archaeological sites and growing the industry of culture.

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